An open letter to the LOVE of my life


To the LOVE of my life,

We’ve been together now for almost 15 years. By far my longest relationship.  I met you when I was 17, at the community center in Kailua, Hawaii.

I didn’t think much of you AT THE TIME. In fact I didn’t like you very much at all.

A year passed and I ran into you again in Northern California. There was still something that agitated me about you, however, you gave me this unique feeling, it was something I’ve never felt before. I wanted to understand you more.

I soon became engulfed in you, wanting more, and more, and more.

We bonded and became extremely close. We soon became inseparable. We’ve traveled many places all over the world together.

Years passed.

You’ve seen me as my strongest self. You’ve seen me as my weakest self. You are always there for me, especially when I need you most.  Remember that YEAR LONG  break? Your name would come up here and there.  People would ask about you.

You didn’t give up on me, you didn’t judge me. You accepted me back with open arms. For this I am ever grateful. 

You are always what I need, and most of the time what I want.

You bring out the strength, courage, compassion, patience and serenity in me. You’ve been my greatest teacher and inspiration. You’ve helped shape me into the woman I’ve become.

I have dedicated my life to you, and I couldn’t be more sure of our bond.

I will never quit you. You have my heart and will for many lifetimes to come.

It’s hard to imagine my life without you, my dear yoga practice.

Thank you for all you have given me.